Dealing with insecurity

6-ways to start dealing with insecurity

Insecurities they’re something we all have but don’t really talk about. We keep them to ourselves covered in shame. I think it’s about time that changed.

For me one of my biggest insecurities is the size of my chest. 32A to be precise. (On a good day) As a woman that’s what you’re supposed to have right? Boobs! It was all I could think about growing up, it would be on my mind and make me feel like crap. It’s hard to accept what we deem flaws. We all have our insecurities, it’s up to us to try to accept and own them.

If you judge people you have time to love people, self love quote
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So how do we start doing just that and begin dealing with the insecurity?

Practice self-approval. Watch your negative thoughts, they’re solidifying your negative opinions.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Learn to detach yourself from other people’s appearances, how someone else looks doesn’t take anything away from you.

Purge your social media, vet watch you’re watching on tv. I didn’t watch love island for ages and when I have it’s been the odd episode as I had deep insecurities and as I was becoming more accepting of myself I didn’t want to impact my progress.

Write down things you like about yourself, not just your physical appearance, write down what qualities or habits do you like about yourself? You are more than your physical appearance and that is a major lesson to learn in itself.

Live in the moment, actively participate in your own life. When you stop living, saying yes and doing things with your life, you’re choosing to live in the shadows which will deepen the insecurity.

Acceptance leads to being okay if it goes right and dealing with it if it goes wrong. Learning that the only opinion that counts is your own is a game changer. Your opinion is number one!

We all come in different shapes and sizes and we decide how we feel about our bodies. If you feel sexy and desirable in your own skin why would you let someone else’s irrelevant opinion get in the way of that?!

So celebrate what you’ve got. Your worth and value comes from within!

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