On the topic of me…

Hey, I’m Tamara, copywriter, aspiring, author, blogger and tea drinker (it’s becoming an issue I’m not prepared to fix)

More importantly I’m a feminist, I’m a woman believing in the equality of all women.

Let’s take control of our lives and show up unapologetically as we are.

Spilling tea with Tamara is a female empowerment and wellness blog. But all are welcome!! I want this blog to help you navigate life in a world that slows down for no-one! I offer unsolicited advice on stepping into your power and living a life true to you. Taking on the topics of feminism, body image, anxiety, empowerment & self-care habits and rituals. Hopefully breaking down some stigma as I go.

You’re perfectly on time

Destroy the idea that there is an expectation to do things by a certain age. You don’t have to be married with kids at 25. It’s okay to not have your dream job at 30 or to not have graduated by 21. It’s okay to have a career change at 50. There are no rules […]

Why is feminism important?

Let’s start with the basics, not all of us have studied gender related subjects. Yet we’re all supposed to know where we stand when it comes to feminism, what it means, truly means to us and our circumstances, but also to know how it’s different for other women. I’m here to give you an overview, […]

The Policing Of Women’s Body Hair

In contemporary Western society there is a widespread notion that women and girls must protect themselves from the lingering leery lustrous stares of men. That they are unable to control themselves and their sexual prowess. Women must be pleasurable to the male gaze. Women’s bodies have to adhere to different norms compared to men. Women’s […]