Why should you choose vintage?

Purchasing vintage clothing offers numerous advantages, including those that are beneficial to your wallet and bank account!  We’ve outlined why you should buy vintage clothing whenever you have the opportunity, and why it’s the best bang for your buck!

The top that lasts one wash

But the trouble with wanting something new, instead of reusing and cherishing what we have, is making us culprits of fast fashion. We’re letting ourselves be targets of the toxic industry. When clothes are extremely cheap it is hard to think of the reasons why that garment or item shouldn’t be purchased. It encourages us…

Independence in a relationship

How do I keep my independence in a relationship? It’s easy to fall into the ‘I want to please my partner’ bubble, but this can become a runaway train and then suddenly, you’re lost wondering how the hell you got here! You have to be in a good relationship with yourself first and then in…