How to cope with change?

Change can be stressful. It is up to us to handle our perceptions of it so we can embrace it and move with it.

How to handle change

You have most likely heard the saying as old as time, ‘The only thing consistent in life is change.’ Sometimes this can make you feel powerless and uncomfortable with change. It’s like we get it everything changes, but it doesn’t tell us why or how to cope with it. Its normal that with change comes fear. So how can we harness the fear that comes with the constant aspect of life that is change?

We’re introduced to change the moment we are born. When you think of a moment of change you remember what you were doing and how it impacted you. That is the point of origin of change.

There are two forms of change, planned, however results can be unexpected and unplanned. What follows change are four steps which journeys you through navigating it, to growth.

  1. Denial, this can be rom the loss of a loved one, loosing your job etc. However mind blowingly emotional pain only lasts 20-minutes. This being said it is important to feel your emotions but if you feel like you can’t move past them then it is important to make sure it isn’t self-inflicted.
  2. Acceptance, some can turn to drugs, alcohol, walk away. Or we take help from others, read books, podcasts. Find strength and begin the healing process. Change is a powerful push.
  3. Maintenance, managing a new you. Never compare your life to what it was yesterday or anyone else’s. There is no such thing as normal. You can find healing, find your journey, and find yourself. 
  4. Growth, every single person is broken in some form. But you can be repaired and those experiences turn to gold and create growth. You don’t know who can learn from you and your experiences.

Some of the most successful people are able to be flexible, face fears and are able to redirect their energy. Feeling fearful doesn’t eradicate change. Harnessing the fear and embracing change, and making that energy work for you is where the healing starts,

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Its important to remember a few key tips when dealing with change.

1. Be flexible, learn to embrace change. When we first encounter change, its easy to put up a defence that keeps us as far away from change as possible. But in order to be happy and fully accept life it is to embrace it.

2. Face your fears. Push yourself to meet new people. If you’re scared to readjust to a new job, push yourself to linger in the coffee area and connect with people or sign yourself up as eco-coordinator. If its scary to be vulnerable and adapt to a new partner, try to think about how good it can be to just take a leap of faith and try. Etc. There is something about change itself that makes us fearful. But oddly we would be happier if we started facing theses fears. Embrace the objectivity of fear. Observe from a backseat and learn to let it go.

3. Focus on what you can control. Life isn’t linear. Its goes left when want to go right or even u-turn. We can’t control the weather or other people, but we can control our reactions and perceptions.

But from all of this you are more prepared the next time change comes in and moves the direction of where you’re heading. Change is powerful and through every experience you’re creating a new you. Learn to embrace all you are and increase your understanding of yourself to better handle things just 1% better next time. And that in my books is a win.

You are gold!

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