How to get out of your head and into the moment?

I hear your cries, ‘it’s easier said than done.’ To that I say ‘yes it is,’ but we need to start bringing that awareness into our realm of consciousness to try to build up the habit.

I am known for getting stuck inside my head, I have many sleepless nights thinking about tomorrow’s to do list.

But if we continue to live in our heads then we begin to miss out on what’s going on around us, and in years to come they might be the moments we wished we remembered more. It’s important to learn to stop and smell the roses, to be present with those around us, to celebrate wins and losses and give them the recognition they deserve. Life passes us by, it’s up to us to stop and take in the view. I preach about not partaking in ‘hustle culture’ but it’s so easy to get sucked into, but life is here to enjoy as well as to work hard – balance is important!

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So how do we get out of our heads and into the moment?

Recognise your thoughts have overrun and taken over our minds

Don’t berate yourself for this, just recognise it’s happened

Then focus on your breath – breathe in and out, roll your shoulders down away from your ears and just ‘be’ for a bit

Draw your attention to those your surroundings, take in what you see, what you hear

Feel like you’re here…NOW

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Be grateful and observant, breathe & release your worries and your thoughts.

LIVE IN THE MOMENT – it’s somewhat cliché, but in truth, it makes sense. If your present in a moment it’s harder to let judgement, worry or overrunning thoughts occur. When you become present to the moment you can truly enjoy what’s happening around you.

It’s fairly easy once you start to create awareness around it!

Try mediation or journaling if you find it particularly hard to turn your thoughts off, having a notebook next to your bed to write down tomorrows to do list that won’t stop flying around your head.

Practice mindfulness, when your in a moment what can you see, what can you hear and relish in it! It helps you to take in moments and be in the now.

Be here in the now! Be grateful, be present!

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