5 ways to come back to yourself

Life can move at a million miles per hour, we can get caught up in the mundane of a routine. We then run on autopilot not really living in the moment, letting everything pass us by. Every so often it’s good to self-reflect. To check in. To reset. Here’s five ways I believe are a good way to come on back to yourself.

Start keeping a journal. How are you feeling? What is the emotion that keeps cropping up, take note of that? Make a conscious decision to monitor your thoughts, are you being overly critical of yourself? Putting yourself under scrutiny and undue pressure?

Make time to do nothing. There is power in switching off, whether that’s for an hour or a whole day. There is pressure to partake in this hustle culture’, but it is high pressure and always looking towards the next thing. Chill out for a bit. Take a minute to take a minute. Take a breath. Treat yourself to a facemask and a bubble bath.

Learn the power of saying no or ‘not right now’. JOMO (Joy of missing out) Trying to please everyone or fit everything in can be a difficult task at times. If it doesn’t serve where you’re at in that moment, it’s okay to say no and say it without guilt. People pleasing will only leave you unsatisfied.

Are you taking care of the basics sleep, food, water? Nourish your body with good food and water. Get as good of a night’s sleep as you can. These three elements can help to feel good in yourself, feel a bit fresher and revitalised.

Are you giving too much of your time and energy to others? You can’t help fill someone else’s cup up if yours is depleting. Find what gives you energy, what makes you feel more centred. For me it’s finally rolling out my yoga mat and doing a yoga sequence, whether that’s for 5 minutes or an hour. It makes me feel more in tune with my mind and body.

What’s it for you?

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