Hey I’m Tamara, aspiring copywriter, content writer, author, blogger and tea drinker (its becoming an issue I’m not prepared to fix)

More importantly I’m a feminist, I’m a woman believing in the equality of all women.

Let’s take control of our lives and show up unapologetically as we are.

On the topic of me….

Spilling tea with Tamara is an female empowerment and wellness blog. But all are welcome!! I want this blog to help you navigate life in a world that slows down for no-one!  I offer unsolicited advice on stepping into your power and living a life true to you. Talking on the topics of feminism, body image, anxiety, empowerment & self-care habits and rituals, hopefully breaking down some stigma as I go.

What it’s all about!!!



Mindset Growth

Body Image


Mental Health